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The Central Library of the university is in charge of supplying and providing information in science and technology to support lectures and research undertaken at the various departments.

The library system also has four branches located within the individual departments of the university and the Central Library is responsible for the purchasing and preparation of books, periodicals and other documents for these department branches.

The library book collection, currently comprised of over than 240,000 volumes, is growing at the rate of approximately 6,000 volumes per year. There are also periodicals consisting of 300,00 volumes in 2500 titles, including 500 current titles and over 15,000 theses, including M.S. and Ph.D. archival materials. The library contains over 600 CD ROM databases and 30,000 microforms, including 60 titles. Films and compact discs are also available to support instructional and research programs. Reference services are also offered in the university libraries, including instruction and aid in using the collections, CD ROM products and for inter-library loan. Information concerning all the university library holdings may be obtained from the automated online catalogue from the Internet, the terminals for which are available throughout the libraries and also from computer sites in the various departments of the university.

Library Structure

The Central Library is comprised of the following sections:   

  • The Circulation Department with titles in Persian and English 
  • Periodicals and Journals
  • Information Services and Interlibrary-Loan  
  • Document Supply Center, which informs members about library resources and provides photocopies or e-format of papers from libraries throughout Iran and around the world
  • The Audio-Visual Department, which provides documents in the form of microfilm, software and films
  • Theses and Reports, which is comprised of volumes of graduate theses and governmental reports
  • The Purchasing and Acquisition Department, responsible for selecting and buying books and other library resources
  • The Cataloging Department, responsible for the cataloging of books and bibliographic records. Accurately maintained up-to-date databases give library users consistent access to the resources within the library collections    





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